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Vote Reward Changes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dragoness, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Dragoness

    Dragoness Archon

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    Mojang again has altered the EULA in regards to servers, insisting now that server list votes are equivalent to accepting payments from members. Any non-"cosmetic" rewards have to be provided to all online players, not just whoever voted.

    To maintain a balance between rewarding players for tolerating the inconvenience of voting and upholding Pearlmc as a survival server, "vote parties" will now be a thing.
    • Before voting, log in to the server and stay logged in. I know this will be challenging for some players, but we don't want you to miss getting rewards if a "party" needs only a couple votes to start!
    • Each accumulation of twenty votes (Pearl-exclusive or via Eximius Gaming) will result in a vote party being started. There will be a 20 second warning before anything is given, please use this time to ensure you have an empty spot in your inventory.
    • The reward will be delivered as a "crate" item. This allows participating in multiple vote parties without getting your inventory filled with different types of prizes. Attempt to place the "crate" to unlock your prize.
    The amount of votes needed for a vote party may be adjusted in the future, if it seems the parties are too hard or easy to start.

    Additionally, I recommend using a prize crate as soon as you can, don't store and forget them. Due to Minecraft code shortcomings, hackish methods are used to mark items as "crates". Any change in the configured metadata will render old crates useless.

    I had hoped to have more than a month time to sort all of this out and give everyone a forewarning, but I only got the heads up about the EULA voting changes at the beginning of July via unofficial Minecraft forums. I couldn't confirm if other server owners were being completely honest about what Mojang was saying and I hadn't seen anything "official" from Mojang until sawine shared a letter Minetown received last week; which isn't the same as a public announcement.

    While the set up for the vote parties isn't perfect, I have done my best to reconfigure things so members aren't punished for bad choices in other places.
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  2. Thegamerjo

    Thegamerjo Member

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    Sounds awesome
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  3. PKodon

    PKodon Member

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    I really don't understand Mojang's (or Microsoft's) reasoning on this, or on the donations in general. After all, the servers and players are not getting any monetary benefit from this voting, and donations (in theory) are needed to keep the servers online (after all, internet, electricity, the servers themselves, rent for the space to keep them, and people to maintain/repair them, all costs money).

    Also, what kind of "non-cosmetic" in-game awards are worth that much to Mojang that they need to do this? A fortune cookie and some XP or RP is going to do what? Where is the incentive to even go vote for your favorite server?

    As I said, their reasoning defies logic, perhaps even illogic.


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