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  1. Enter the address in to your Minecraft client to start playing on Pearlmc. :)
  2. We're on Twitter! Follow @PearlmcNet for updates and tips about our server!
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  4. Join our Discord server for both voice and text chat out of game!

    Visit the Pearlmc Discord Server thread for full information.

Pearlmc Discord Server

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dragoness, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Discord is an alternative text and voice chat application. It is like having the benefits of TeamSpeak, Skype, and Slack combined into one program. You can view the official information at

    As Discord is easier to use than other options for out of game communication, we're moving to using it as the official chat application. Some of the other Eximius servers are switching to Discord as well.

    To join our Discord server, visit

    If you haven't used Discord before, you can directly register an account from the above link. If you already have a Discord account, just click on the login link under the registration field and button.
    Once authenticated, you can accept the server invitation. If you miss seeing the button for accepting the invitation, just re-visit the link above.

    Discord can be used in browsers, but I recommend using the application version if you can. Application downloads are available from

    Once you are on the Discord server, please take the time to review your client settings. You should see a part of the interface that displays your name, plus a couple icon buttons near it. Click the icon that looks like a gear to display your settings. At the least, you should set a push-to-talk keybinding if you're intending to use the voice channels.

    I know this is a lot of information, but I believe all members will discover Discord to be a friendlier way to stay in touch outside our Minecraft servers. :)

    Side note: Please keep in mind the Discord server is not a replacement for petitions or the ban appeal board.

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