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6th annual Holidays of December build contest

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by cyberdrifter, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. cyberdrifter

    cyberdrifter Archon

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    We are having our 6th annual Holidays of December build Contest.

    Before you read all this text you should get on Pearl and run the /gift command to get a new gift every day in December.

    We are looking for creative builds (in non-creative game mode)
    And example today (December 11 2018) is National Noodle Ring Day.
    Do a internet search for Odd Holidays of December 2018 if you are looking for ideas.

    1) How do I enter:
    1. Easy you ask staff for a plot at /warp contest
    2. Pay the 3 Pearl entry fee
    3. Build the your entry.
    2) When does the contest end?
    Sunday December 30th 8pm.

    3) What can I build?
    Anything appropriate to our family server in a holiday theme.

    4) Can my entry represent a "traditional" holiday in December?
    See the answer to question 3 :rolleyes:

    5) How will judges know what holiday my build represents?
    You can place a sign in your plot explaining your build.

    6) Who will Judge?
    All the players of Pearl.

    7) What can I win?
    The prizes have not been formalized (just a little laziness on cyberdrifter's part). Much will depend on the number of builds (hint: there might be parrots).

    8 ) Is that all, can't cyberdrifter think of any other prizes?
    um, ya . . . minecraft does not have pizza (unless you use /kit Cyberpizza)

    Happy building everybody, I can't wait to see the creativity again this year.
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  2. cyberdrifter

    cyberdrifter Archon

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    Voting is still open for the build contest.
    You vote by taking a voting book from the voting machine (a max of 3 voting books), sign each book with the plot number of the build for which you wish to cast that vote, drop the vote book the the hopper by the voting machine . . repeat as many as 3 times.

    Each vote can be only for 1 build.
    You may cast votes for the same build.
    Vote books must be signed with build number to be valid.
    A max of 3 votes may be cast.
    Voting ends January 6th 2019 8PM EST

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