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We are a vanilla-like, independent Minecraft survival server with special play features and free-to-earn ranks.

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by Dragoness at 3:35 PM
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Update: The server has been successfully updated to 1.11.2. Please report any new bugs and feel free to rejoice over any resolved old bugs. :p

The plan for updating is to dive in either tomorrow, Dec 23, or Monday, 26th. Bugs are almost guaranteed, but we'll threaten to send them to Ateph if they don't shape up. ;)

For details of what changed in 1.11.x, check out the Minecraft Wiki entries.
1.11.2 minor update was crash fix, no game feature changes.

Compatibility to 1.10.x and 1.9.x connections may be temporarily broken right after the update, but will be restored if possible.

The Lobby server (waiting area when main server is unavailable) will be held back while...
by cyberdrifter at 12:21 PM
(1,404 Views / 2 Likes)
yup December 17th (is almost here) again. Tomorrow is first flight day.

Wait, last year you posted on on the day of First flight day, what gives?
I was being generous and giving you a day notice, woot for me.

What is first flight day on Pearl?
It is a day that we give players an hour to fly.

Do I get to fly all day?
Nope, flying time is between 7PM and 8PM EST. Be on the ground at 8PM or that first step might hurt. Hey, at least flight is not limited to the 12 seconds 0f the first Wright Brother's flight.

I just login during that hour and I can fly?

by cyberdrifter at 8:37 PM
(1,747 Views / 3 Likes)
We are having our 4th annual Holidays of December build Contest.

Before you read all this text you should get on Pearl and run the /gift command to get a new gift every day in December. Today's gift is very appropriate to the holiday on December 1st.

We are looking for creative builds (in non-creative game mode)
And example today (December 01 2016) is Eat a Red Apple Day.
Do a internet search for Odd Holidays of December 2016 if you are looking for ideas.

1) How do I enter:
  1. Easy you ask staff for a plot at /warp contest
  2. Pay the 3 Pearl entry fee
  3. Build the your entry.
2) When does the contest end?
December 21 2016 ~ 7PM EST...
by Dragoness at 8:56 AM
(1,100 Views / 1 Likes)

Vote totals have reset with the start of September, so there's a fresh chance to rule the voter list. :) I have updated the server list links shown in-game and here on the forum for Pearlmc, to only promote Pearlmc listings.

The vote crate rewards have some more variety and value in the possible rewards. Watch out for the "hay bale" showing up in your inventory with a vote party!


We disconnected from the Eximius Gaming proxy, and stopped receiving votes from it. Unfortunately, the quality of many new visitors gained from the Eximius Gaming connection is not a fit with our friendly community. Members of other Eximius Gaming servers are certainly still welcome to come visit us however.

In more positive news, and in addition to (still) being part of...
by Dragoness at 12:33 PM
(1,501 Views / 3 Likes)
Yes, we have finally implemented the often requested communication method known as "mail"! You no longer have to rely on sign scribbles or block formations to share information to your offline friends! :writing: :woot:

As a quick reference...
Send a brief one-liner with /mail text player_name your_message
For more complex messages, open the composition menu with /mail write and click the relevant text items to edit and send your mail.
View your received messages with /mail inbox and what you sent via /mail outbox
Finally, if you deleted something, look in /mail trash

Note: You may need some recipients to log in at least once since the plugin's addition before you can send a message.
by cyberdrifter at 10:07 PM
(3,010 Views / 2 Likes)
In honor of Pearl MC now being fully 1.10.x updated we are going to have a Polar Bear Screen Capture Contest, I be you have questions . . . here are some answers.

1) Does the screen capture have to be from the PearlMC server?
um, ya . . . it is a screen capture contest for our server.

2) how do I prove the screen capture is from the PearlMC server?
  • mini-map showing coordinates
  • debug info with readable coordinates
  • use the /getpos command to show your coordinates.

3) How do I win?
Upload a screen capture of a polar bear found on the PearlMC server to this thread and be picked the best.

4) How will winners be picked?
To be determined at a later time.

5) What can I win?
One of the only bear...