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We are a mostly vanilla Minecraft survival server with special play features and free-to-earn ranks.

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by cyberdrifter at 8:26 AM
(815 Views / 0 Likes)
The regeneration of our custom world Ateph has been completed, it is now a fluffy place to die, and die, and die.
by Dragoness at 3:25 PM
(2,055 Views / 0 Likes)
Discord is an alternative text and voice chat application. It is like having the benefits of TeamSpeak, Skype, and Slack combined into one program. You can view the official information at

As Discord is easier to use than other options for out of game communication, we're moving to using it as the official chat application. Some of the other Eximius servers are switching to Discord as well.

To join our Discord server, visit

If you haven't used Discord before, you can directly register an account from the above link. If you already have a Discord account, just click on the login link under the registration field and button.
Once authenticated, you can accept the...
by cyberdrifter at 10:39 PM
(768 Views / 2 Likes)
We seem to have lost all common sense and invited MrBrittas to be a member of Pearl's staff. We have caught him helping new players (and some not so new) by answering questions and helping with builds. These nefarious deed required us to take action.

Please give loud congratulations to MrBrittas as our newest staff (person to blame for cyber's actions).
by Dragoness at 12:22 AM
(1,142 Views / 2 Likes)
Starting after the server restart on Jan 4th, you can now spend less time sorting your inventories and unloading mining loot! The new commands and special features are listed on the wiki Member Ranks page, but here's a summary.

Adept: Hotbar items will be automatically refilled from the rest of your inventory
Master: Automatic sorting of your inventory and chests
Elite: Shift+use (right-click by default) a chest to automatically deposit items like those already in the chest
Legend: Use /DepositAll command to conveniently put away items in nearby chests, based on similarity to already-contained items

Automatic sorting of inventory and chests can be disabled via command /autosort ....
by cyberdrifter at 1:53 PM
(937 Views / 1 Likes)
Seems the creeper plot continues, Dimbulb, JennaBlueCloud, and Shayne1010 all say it is unfair for me to have any stored Pearls, they want me to sell them to the bank for prizes.

What are the prizes?

  1. RP for voters drawing:
    1. $5,000 for First Prize ~ _cache_
    2. $2500 Second Prize ~ lordsirrom42
    3. $1250 Third Prize ~ MadMaeMarch
There will also be random prizes awarded throughout the month.

As a bonus a $1,000 bounty will be put on every ocelot spawn egg that you win from voting and wish to sell me.

How long is the contest?
January 1 2016 12:01 am CST until Januarry 31 2016 11:59 PM CST.

Why does the contest not say Top Voter?
New year, new contest. This time every vote a player makes gives...
by cyberdrifter at 4:48 PM
(1,434 Views / 2 Likes)
We are having our 3rd annual Holidays of December build Contest.

We are looking for creative builds (in non-creative game mode)
And example today (December 01 2015) is Eat a Red Apple Day.
Do a internet search for Odd Holidays of December 2015 if you are looking for ideas.

1) How do I enter:
  1. Easy you ask staff for a plot at /warp contest
  2. Pay the 3 Pearl entry fee
  3. Build the your entry.
2) When does the contest end?
December 21 2015 ~ 7PM EST

3) What can I build?
Anything appropriate to our family server in a holiday theme.

4) Can my entry represent a "traditional" holiday in December?
See the answer to question 3 :rolleyes:...