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Dec 12, 2014
  • Pearlmc uses a plugin to make pumpkins grow "uncarved" and require "carving" to appear with vanilla faces. Uncarved pumpkins can be used like normal pumpkins in every way: making pumpkin pies, jack o lanterns, anti-enderman helmets, diving helmets, etc. Placing an uncarved pumpkin will maintain the uncarved state, so you can use them to decorate.

    Carving requires using any axe on the side of the placed pumpkin you want carved. This will slightly damage the tool, same as using axe to break a log. Alternatively, pistons also will break an uncarved pumpkin into a normal pumpkin. (may change in future)

    Note: Uncarved pumpkins are considered a different item to vanilla (carved) pumpkins when it comes to SignShop.