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Land Claims

Apr 5, 2014
Land Claims
  • Pearlmc uses the plugin Grief Prevention to give players self-serve access to protecting their collected resources.

    This video has been provided by the developer for demonstrating the basics.

    Numbers and Tips(top)

    • You start out with a 120 block limit for claiming. As long as you are active in game, you will gain 340 claim blocks per hour.
    • You only lose claim blocks for the horizontal area you have claimed, not the whole volume. A 10x2x10 and a 10x10x10 claim will each only count as 100 blocks from your total.
    • Land claims can only be make in Lokai and Dasmir.
    • A player with no claims already can easily make a small one just by placing a chest in an unclaimed area. The chest can be moved afterwards without altering the claim, but area inside this first protection must be altered in order for the claim to last more than a week.
    • Resize a claim by selecting a gold shovel in your hotbar and selecting a corner of the existing claim. Then select the block you want to move the corner to.
    • If a player does not log in for over a year, their claims may be automatically removed.

    Command Reference(top)

    These commands are also mentioned on the Member Ranks page, but listed here as well for convenience. :)
    • /trust playername - gives the player full access to your claimed area, including build permission (affects only claim you're standing in)
    • /containertrust playername - allows the player to use containers, crafting blocks, levers/buttons, and animals (affects only claim you're standing in)
    • /accesstrust playername - only allows a person to use levers/buttons (affects only claim you're standing in)
    • /untrust playername - removes access from the player (affects only claim you're standing in)
    • /untrust all - clears all trust settings for the area (affects only claim you're standing in)
    • /subdivideclaims - allows creating subregions in area. Process for using this is same as normal claims.
    • /basicclaims - returns to normal method of claiming land
    • /abandonclaim - removes claim; essentially unprotects the area (affects only claim you're standing in)
    • /abandonallclaims - removes all of your claims; use with caution