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Apr 5, 2014

  • Types(top)


    RP stands for reputation points. There are a type of credit currency earned for being active. RP survive player death and other inventory misfortunes.


    Pearls are the name for ghast tears, the "physical" currency of Pearl. These can be gained from ghasts as usual, but other aggressive mobs randomly drop them as well.


    The currencies can be freely exchanged with each other. The official rate is 20rp per Pearl. Visit /warp bank to safely make the exchange.


    • Both RP and Pearls can be gained through shop transactions
    • Both RP and Pearls can be uncommonly gotten as a bonus vote reward
    • Pearls are an uncommon drop for aggressive mobs
    • RP are a semi-rare drop for aggressive mobs
    • RP are a very rare drop passive/neutral mobs
    • RP are a rare drop for certain block break actions (currently disabled)
    • RP may be rarely gotten through miscellaneous world actions not already listed (currently disabled)