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    Brief Descriptions(top)


    Main world of Pearlmc with an overworld environment. Pvp is disabled, land protections can be created, and official market lots can be rented.


    Normal nether environment with pvp disabled and land protection available, if you don't mind the neighborhood. :)
    Lokai and Dasmir are linked for nether portals.


    Normal end environment with pvp on and enhanced enderdragon behavior.


    Sub-hardcore environment with overworld corrupted by netherworld and pvp on.

    Gameplay Features(top)

    For additional fun and challenge, Pearlmc has several gameplay alterations.

    All Worlds(top)

    • Cobble is affected by "gravity" and falls just like sand and gravel.
    • Spiders will leave a sticky web mess around where they die
    • Creepers sometimes are extra explosive, move quickly if you still hear a hiss after one falls.
    • Convenience warps are limited to official server warps and a maximum of two homes per player.
    • Lava placement is available to higher ranked players.
    • Trees are not stable enough to stay floating without a trunk.


    • The ender dragon summons reinforcements to defend the Essalo end-world and periodically respawns.


    • Ghasts are a very common sight and players are advised to be prepared with a bow and arrows.

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