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Website Updates

Discussion in 'Website Relevant' started by Dragoness, Jan 8, 2020.

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    The forum categories/boards have re-organized to make their purposes more clear (hopefully :p).

    Near the end of the month, I will be updating the website software. These are the noteworthy changes related to the update.
    • New default website theme. Our current one is no longer developed and it would take several days, if not weeks, to modify it for the updated software. So I'm customizing a theme that is ready for the updated software and comes from a fairly reliable developer.
    • The home page will be the forum index instead of just "news". Game server news is now under "Announcements", snapshot server and website news in the corresponding boards for those topics.
    • The tidbits about joining the server and following social media will have a fancier presentation at the top of the pages.
    • The "wiki" will be replaced by articles in a "resource manager". The process of moving the articles will include reviewing and revising all the articles to be up to date with server changes. If you have any of the guides bookmarked, you'll need to adjust the URL or re-bookmark after the update.
    • The updated software includes post "reactions", which are an extended form of giving a "Like". You can still select "Like" or you could choose something like "Love" or "Haha".
    Update: The software update is going to be pushed back. There are a few things, some offline and some server related, that are a little higher priority.
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