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Snapshot Server 1.17.1 Release

Discussion in 'Snapshot Server' started by Dragoness, Aug 1, 2021.

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    While we're waiting for 1.18 snapshots, the snapshot server has been caught up to 1.17.1. The map has been kept from 1.16.x but will likely be reset when it's time to move onto 1.18 snapshots.

    In addition to providing a pure vanilla server experience with the latest Minecraft version, the snapshot server provides useful information for upgrading the other server instances.

    Connect via

    Please be be a good sport and avoid preventing others from experiencing normal gameplay.

    Official Minecraft Bug Tracker:

    Reminder: The snapshot server is an extra server instance hosted by Pearlmc for conveniently trying out recent Minecraft versions in a multiplayer environment. It is reset if necessary for exploring new Minecraft features.

    Updates for the main server will be announced separately.

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