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Server Rules

Discussion in 'Website Relevant' started by Dragoness, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Server Rules
    • Keep chat appropriate to a mixed audience containing pre-teens to grandparents and be conservative with "strong"/offensive language.*
    • Refrain from all caps (shouting), spamming, and discussing/promoting Minecraft servers not part of Eximius Gaming.**
    • Keep activities legitimate. Do not abuse glitches/bugs or use hacks, cheats, etc.
    • Friendly competitiveness and aggression is fine, harassment/bullying and scamming are not.
    • Each person is responsible for the things that happen on their account.
    • Being around longest, having donated, or otherwise making claims of privilege does not grant immunity to following the rules. Even staff are expected to mind the rules while playing.
    Pearl has a separate ban system from other Eximius Gaming servers, but bans from other servers may be upheld on Pearl if an offense is considered especially severe.

    * If you use profanity in one of the public channels, you will be reminded to keep thing clean for younger players. Additionally, a player that comes onto the server with a name containing inappropriate language/references will be banned.

    ** If someone asks discussion about a different server/game to leave global chat, even if it's related to Eximius Gaming, please take it to local chat or private messages.

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