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Member Ranks

Discussion in 'Website Relevant' started by Dragoness, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Member Ranks

    Basic Ranks(top)


    All visitors to Pearlmc start with the rank "Visitor". In this rank, you are prevented from altering blocks and will be limited to a basic commands. To rank up, you must view the /rules command and follow the instructions in those commands.

    Visitor Commands(top)

    General Commands
    • /money balance playername - View your balance or another player's balance
    • /itemdb - Use while holding item to get it's name and id; use "/odditem" for names to use with the shop plugin
    • /jailstatus - get information on your jail status
    • /kit - show list of Kits available to you
    • /kit gsbook - provides a Getting Started book with information about Pearlmc
    • /motd - view login message again
    • /help - view help info in chat
    • /help subtopic - view "chapter" of help info
    • /help subtopic # - view specific page in help
    • /myrank - view your own rank
    • /getrank playername - view current rank of another player
    • /ping - "dummy" command used to see if your client is communicating with the server
    • /realname - verifies the displayname of a person is their actual username
    • /rules - view Server Rules in chat
    • /spawn - return to server spawn
    • /deathspawn - kills your character; do not trick people into using this!
    • /trapped - get teleported to a random nearby location if you find yourself stuck; has an 8hr cooldown
    • /warp warpname - go a warp location
    • /warp list - shows list of available warps
    • /warp search keyword - search for a particular warp name
    • /who - see who is online; also can use "/list"
    • /glist - see who all is connected to the proxy and which servers they're on

    Chat Commands
    • /ch list - get list of available channels
    • /ch join channelname - join the channel without focusing on it
    • /ch channelname - join and focus on the channel
    • /ch leave channelname - leave a channel
    Channels available are Server, Local, and Global.

    Petition Commands
    • /pe list - show your open petitions
    • /pe list closed - show closed petitions
    • /pe new yourmessage - create a new petition with the message as the content
    • /pe comment # - add a comment to the petition with the matching id number
    • /pe close # yourmessage - closes the petition with the matching id (and comment if message is added)

    Special Features(top)

    • Chairs - Sneak + Use a stair or slab block to sit (requires signs on each side)
    • Rank Signs - available at the library, allows going up in member ranks by paying Pearls
    • Sign Triggers - able to use the following sign mechanics:
    * Disposal
    * Free
    * Heal
    * Kit
    * Warp
    * Weather​


    This is the first full member rank and will grant you access to the vanilla aspects of gameplay, such as collecting resources, building a home, and protecting your home.

    Tourist Commands(top)

    General Commands
    • /afk - broadcasts you as being "afk"; has no real in-game effect beyond alerting other players
    • /compass - get information on what direction you are facing
    • /depth - get your layer height relative to sea level
    • /money pay # - pay another player with rep points (RP)
    • /money top - view who has the most RP
    • /getpos - highly useful information about your world location
    • /kit new - basic kit with a wood pick, wood sword, and a leather chestplate
    • /kit dirthut - supplies for emergency housing made of dirt, a wood door, and a torch
    • /kit rations - two cooked fish, a cooked pork, a cookie, and two apples
    • /kit spring - special seasonal kit with fireworks, tulips, and carrots
    • /lottery - information on the state of the lottery
    • /lottery buy # - buy tickets for daily lottery, limit is ten
    • /lottery winners - see list of recent lottery winners
    • /recipe itemname/itemid - show graphical interface of how to craft an item; does not allow gaining the demonstrated items
    • /seen playername - find out when someone was last online

    Chat Commands
    • /ignore playername - toggles ignoring messages from another player
    • /tell playername yourmessage - send a private message to another player
    Market channel is available at this rank.

    Home Commands
    • /home [homename] - go to your home location; you will also return here on respawn from death
    • /sethome [homename] - sets your home location; by default, members only get one home and it's named "home" if a name is not specifically set
    • /home invite playername [homename] - invite someone to your home
    • /home uninvite playername [homename] - uninvite someone from visiting your home
    • /home private - makes it so only invite players can go to your home location
    • /home public - allows anyone to visit your home location
    • /home playername[:homename] - visit another player's home location (if public or they invited you)

    Protection Commands
    • /trust playername - gives the player full access to your claimed area, including build permission (affects only claim standing in)
    • /containertrust playername - allows the player to use containers, crafting blocks, levers/buttons, and animals (affects only claim standing in)
    • /accesstrust playername - only allows a person to use levers/buttons (affects only claim standing in)
    • /untrust playername - removes access from the player (affects only claim standing in)
    • /untrust all - clears all trust settings for the area (affects only claim standing in)
    • /subdivideclaims - allows creating subregions in area
    • /basicclaims - returns to normal method of claiming land
    • /abandonclaim - removes claim; essentially unprotects the area (affects only claim standing in)
    • /abandonallclaims - removes all of your claims; use with caution

    Special Features(top)

    • Ammeter - use coal on redstone wire to get power strength
    • Lightstone - use glowstone dust on a block to get it's light level
    • Painting Switcher - "use" your hand on a placed painting to turn on/off the switcher. Scroll your mouse wheel to go through paintings.
    • Shops - create a sign+chest based shop
    • Sign Triggers - able to use the following sign mechanics:
    * Bridge: toggle blocks horizontally
    * Door: toggle blocks vertically
    * Elevator (Lift): teleport vertically
    * Gate: toggle only fences/irons bars vertically
    * Hidden Switch: allows toggling a current by using a different face of a block from where the sign is attached​

    Upgrade Ranks(top)

    Each upgrade requires spending the virtual "physical" Currency of Pearls and gives access to extra fun features and additional Kits.


    Cost: 16 Pearls

    Citizen Commands(top)

    General Commands
    • /hat - allows placing an item in your hand into your helmet spot
    • /meow playername - "meow" another player (16 min cooldown)
    • /meow stop - Toggles whether received "meows" have sound or not

    Special Features(top)

    • Sign Triggers - able to create (and use) the following sign mechanic:
    * Lightswitch: toggles torches into redstone torches and vice versa​


    Cost: 32 Pearls

    Worker Commands(top)

    General Commands
    • /book - turns a signed book back into being editable
    • /cenlist - displays list of death chests, if you have any
    • /cenfind # - makes compass point to death chest, number is gained from /cenlist
    • /cenreset - returns compass to normal behavior after using /cenfind
    • /exp - see how much experience you have and how far you are from the next level
    • /kit woodhut - supplies for emergency housing of wood planks, a wood door, and a torch

    Special Features(top)

    • Color Signs - precede a color code with "&" to change following text to the chosen color; does not include formatting or "magic" codes
    • Death Chest - if you die while carrying a chest in your inventory, it will be used to store your dropped items for a small period of time, to the maximum storage capability of one chest
    • Sign Triggers - able to create (and use) the following sign mechanics:
    * Bridge
    * Door
    * Gate


    Cost: 48 Pearls

    Adept Commands(top)

    General Commands
    • /kit archer - a bow with "power 1" and 16 arrrows
    • /kit chill - two packed ice blocks and two snow blocks
    • /near - get a list of people close to you

    Special Features(top)

    • Auto refill hotbar - When you use the last of an item in your hotbar a replacement item will leap into your hand from your inventory (assuming a very similar item is available)
    • Experience Storage - "use" your hand on a spawner to converter your experience to experience bottles. There is small loss of total experience converted this way.
    • Extra Loot Drops - ability get novelty loot from creatures and blocks
    • Formatted (Color) Signs - use the formatting codes on signs (bold, italic, etc); does not include "magic" code
    • Lava Handling - able to place lava either underground or in your own protected areas.
    • Sign Triggers - able to create (and use) the following sign mechanic:


    Cost: 64 Pearls

    Master Commands(top)

    General Commands
    • /AutoSort chest - toggles automatic chest sorting on or off
    • /AutoSort inventory - toggles automatic personal inventory sorting on or off
    • /kit colorstarter - single piece each of black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, and brown dye
    • /kit cyberpizza - 2 bread, 3 red muchroom, 3 brown mushroom, and 1 cooked pork
    • /kit solar - 1 light detector, 16 redstone dust, and a redstone torch

    Special Features(top)

    • Death Chest Upgrade - can carry two chests to all your inventory stored in a doublechest on death
    • Sign Triggers - able to create (and use) the following sign mechanic:
    • Extra Home Location - able to set two homes instead of one
    * Elevator (Lift)​


    Cost: 128 Pearls

    Legend Commands(top)

    General Commands
    • /DepositAll - dumps your backpack loot into nearby chests, assuming a chest with very similar items can be found
    • /echest - virtual access to your enderchest
    • /kit firework - kit containing three kinds of fireworks, two of each kind
    • /kit filbert - spawn egg for a pig named "Filbert", a saddle, and a carrot on a stick
    • /kit dragonloot - 1 diamond, 1 emerald, 1 gold bar, 1 pearl
    • /workbench - access a virtual workbench

    Special Features(top)

    • Free Death Chest - do not have to carry chests with you in order to get death chest
    • Quick Deposit - Shift-left-click to quickly deposit of the items type you are holding into the chest you have open
    • Extra Home Locations - set up to 15 home warps
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    It says it's a free deathchest at legend but im elite and i get free deathchests

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