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Lost Breakfast

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cyberdrifter, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. cyberdrifter

    cyberdrifter Archon

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    So I go to the fridge to get some pizza for breakfast only to find that the family did not leave me any leftover from the previous night. We all know cold pizza is about the best breakfast for which anyone could ask.

    All is not lost. I will just make an omelet. Wait! What?
    Where are my eggs, they are not pizza but will do for breakfast.

    Help Me find my breakfast and the eggs are your to keep or yours to share. No need to comment about my dietary habits :)

    The Prize
    • 2 x Mooshroom spawn eggs
    • 2 x Villager spawn eggs
    • 2 x Horse spawn eggs
    • * 2 x Chicken spawn eggs
    • * 2 x Ocelot spawn eggs
    • * 2 x Wolf spawn eggs

    * Not even available in the Pearl admin shop.

    Check here for Hints as they are updated:
    1. I started from one of our mini-marts. (/warp north, /warp south . . . )
    2. I know they were stored in a (ice) chest.
    3. I was at the corner of 3 Biomes
    4. I am sure I crossed Water and Sand
    5. Wow, that's a Chunk Generation Error (happy Logoth?)
    6. Maybe I will have some Coco with my eggs.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2014
    Dragoness likes this.
  2. Logoth528

    Logoth528 Member

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    There has to be a joke there about Minecraft Chunks,...
  3. cyberdrifter

    cyberdrifter Archon

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    No more clues,
    Congrats Logoth528 on finding the spawn eggs.

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