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by cyberdrifter at 6:32 PM
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Announcing Autumn 2017 house building contest. The theme of the contest will be houses.

Contest FAQ:
Who can enter?
Any member of Pearlmc.

What can I build?
You can build any house that complies with our family friendly server rules.

How tall can my house be?
The house can be a max of 30 blocks tall.

How many times can I enter the contest.
You can only have 1 entry.

When does the contest start/end?
The contest begins Sunday 2017-Sep-24 (8pm EST) and ends Sunday 2017-Oct-8 (8pm EST).

How much does it cost to enter the contest?
3 pearls

How do I enter the contest?
Ask any staff to assign you the unclaimed plot of your choice.

What can I win?
1 prize will be:
  • The only Totem of Undying on the server...
by cyberdrifter at 2:18 PM
(1,748 Views / 2 Likes)
MrBrittas has finally consented to be promoted to officer. He has proven to be a helpful staff member and comes to the rank with some experience.

Please congratulate MrBrittas on being someone else I can blame when I crash the server.
by cyberdrifter at 3:01 PM
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If you have a build on the contest grounds it will need to be removed by the end of the week (Saturday September 2 2017) to make way for the next upcoming build contest.
by cyberdrifter at 12:45 PM
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A creeper uprising in Ateph causes the world to be quarantined. In collusion with withers and other nefarious parties the vast creeper plot has caused such great damage in the world of Ateph that blocks falling have overwhelmed the Ateph world council. They have pleaded for assistance from the multi-verse, and we have heard their call. The world of Ateph has been put under a state Archon law and a quarantine has been enacted. Players will not be able to visit the word until this rebellion has been quelled.

We are sorry for any inconvenience the temporary closure of access to the world may have caused you, however rest assured as soon as the creeper conspiracy has put down travel will resume to the vacation world of Ateph.

~ cyberdrifter
by Dimbulb at 8:26 PM
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That's right Fellow Pearl Dwellers!

Monday July 31'st. will be the FIFTH anniversary of the Grand Opening of the Daring Worlds of Pearl!

We will be Celebrating by having Cake and Goodies Outside Spawn, at 8:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time.

Please come by and say hi, and Get some free DIAMONDS ! We have really enjoyed your participation and hope there will be many more years to come !

Your Friendly Monster Officer, Dimbulb :vulcan:
by Dragoness at 4:30 PM
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Update: The server upgrade is finished!

On Tuesday, Jan 31st, all the Pearl servers will experience downtime during an operating system upgrade. The system upgrade will allow us to continue updating software with bug and performance fixes. Measures are being taken to ensure all server data will be preserved, including remote backups, so everything will be where you left it when the servers are brought back up.

I cannot provide a precise estimate of how long the servers will be down. Making final backups and working through the main upgrade steps will take less than an hour, but verifying everything works afterwards depends on how much software needs manual adjustments.