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by Dragoness at 7:10 AM
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In the next week, Ateph will be reset. We don't want to stay cold forever. ;)

Some of the server plugins will be getting updates as well, in preparation for finally the server up to 1.12~. Many servers had issues with this update, and some things are unavoidable to break, but the "damage" will be much less than if we had rushed.

The upcoming aquatic update will likely also be delayed on Pearl, at the least to allow time to adjust for the significant physics/environment changes. However, it won't take a full year, as long as the core server plugins get appropriate updates without making their own new problems.
by cyberdrifter at 4:14 PM
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Yup December 17th again (is almost here, and this is mostly a copy and paste from last year) . Tomorrow is first flight day .

Wait, in prior years you announced on the day of First flight day, what gives?
I was being generous and giving you a day notice (2 years in a row), woot for me.

What is first flight day on Pearl?
It is a day that we give players an hour to fly.

Do I get to fly all day?
Nope, flying time is between 7PM and 8PM EST. Be on the ground at 8PM or that first step might hurt. Hey, at least flight is not limited to the 12 seconds 0f the first Wright Brother's flight.

I just login during that hour...
by cyberdrifter at 5:46 PM
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We are having our 5th annual Holidays of December build Contest.

Before you read all this text you should get on Pearl and run the /gift command to get a new gift every day in December.

We are looking for creative builds (in non-creative game mode)
And example today (December 01 2016) is Eat a Red Apple Day.
Do a internet search for Odd Holidays of December 2016 if you are looking for ideas.

1) How do I enter:
  1. Easy you ask staff for a plot at /warp contest
  2. Pay the 3 Pearl entry fee
  3. Build the your entry.
2) When does the contest end?
Saturday December 30 2016 ~ 7PM EST
Extended till January 6th 2018

3) What can I build?...
by cyberdrifter at 6:32 PM
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Announcing Autumn 2017 house building contest. The theme of the contest will be houses.

Contest FAQ:
Who can enter?
Any member of Pearlmc.

What can I build?
You can build any house that complies with our family friendly server rules.

How tall can my house be?
The house can be a max of 30 blocks tall.

How many times can I enter the contest.
You can only have 1 entry.

When does the contest start/end?
The contest begins Sunday 2017-Sep-24 (8pm EST) and ends Sunday 2017-Oct-8 (8pm EST).

How much does it cost to enter the contest?
3 pearls

How do I enter the contest?
Ask any staff to assign you the unclaimed plot of your choice.

What can I win?
1 prize will be:
  • The only Totem of Undying on the server...
by cyberdrifter at 2:18 PM
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MrBrittas has finally consented to be promoted to officer. He has proven to be a helpful staff member and comes to the rank with some experience.

Please congratulate MrBrittas on being someone else I can blame when I crash the server.
by cyberdrifter at 3:01 PM
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If you have a build on the contest grounds it will need to be removed by the end of the week (Saturday September 2 2017) to make way for the next upcoming build contest.