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by cyberdrifter at 11:11 PM
(1,747 Views / 4 Likes)
It is a sad day :(, Ateph went to wherever worlds go when they feel neglected.
It is a happy day :), Ateph is back like a chrysalis it has morphed into a new version.

It is said that someone lost a dragon in the new Ateph your /kit dragonloot might appease a dragon, but I would not count on it.

As always remember that Ateph is a PVP world.
by cyberdrifter at 8:58 PM
(1,888 Views / 3 Likes)
The tile say it all.
Please welcome JennaBlueCloud as our new tutor. She has proven herself to be helpful to other players many times on Pearl and deserves recognition.

Congratulations Jenna we look forward to tormenting you like any new staff member should be.
by Dragoness at 10:30 AM
(1,245 Views / 0 Likes)
If you have additional questions, or notice something was missed as being affected by name changes, please do say something. :)

Will changing my name reset my information?
The short answer is no. Your data will still exist on the server.

However, during today and potentially tomorrow, you may see your economy balance at 1rp on a freshly renamed account. Additionally, homes are currently still attached to names instead of Mojang IDs.

Please contact staff if you change your name so we can get your balance and homes sorted out.

How will I recognize someone with a changed name?
The "/seen" command shows if a player was previously known by a different name. No need to worry that you won't recognize your friends! :woot:

How do I change my name?
You must have a...
by cyberdrifter at 3:39 PM
(792 Views / 1 Likes)
Dasmir and Lokai world borders have been expanding by about 20%, woot more ocean monuments.
by cyberdrifter at 10:54 AM
(1,498 Views / 4 Likes)
Because everybody need a home with bunnies, today we have minor changes to the benefits of two of our player ranks.
1) Master rank can now claim 2 homes.
2) Legend rank can now claim 3 homes.
by Dragoness at 12:00 PM
(750 Views / 1 Likes)
Between the 1.8 update, the soon-live name changes, and the fact the plugin is still abandoned, it's time to drop Duckshop. The plugin will be officially removed within a few days. If you are only using SignShop for trading, you should be mostly unaffected.
The difference between the shop types can be seen on our wiki entry for shops:

Any Duckshop signs found marked empty are subject to removal and shops in official areas may be closed if they are still exclusively or majorly using Duckshop signs.

For reference, this is the thread forewarning about the removal