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by cyberdrifter at 10:50 PM
(3,499 Views / 1 Likes)
On 2105-07-17 our claims plugin crashed leaving all land as unclaimed for a short time. Some players took advantage of claims glitch to loot and grief their neighbors.
As you know unclaimed land is fair game, however exploiting a glitch is cause for disciplinary action.

Since we have a bit of a grey area in how the two rules are interpreted I have decided to side on leniency.

If you looted or griefed during the claims outage you must make restitution by 2015-07-24 or face being banned.
*** update ***
Players that griefed or looted a shop have already been banned, there is no plausible deniability that players looting shops did not know they were breaking Pearl rules!

If you were looted or griefed and restitution has not been made please make a...
by Dragoness at 7:09 AM
(1,335 Views / 1 Likes)
Since Pearlmc was founded, we have been using a plugin called BOSEconomy. Unfortunately, it has been several months abandoned by its developers, has no UUID support, and there are no longer files hosted on Bukkit for it (never ported to Spigot).

Finding a way to convert the economy data to an active plugin project has been challenging, several times my testing has ended with negative results. However, I finally was able to get a new plugin, with UUID support, to cleanly convert the balances.

The economy commands have been updated in the Members Ranks page of the wiki, including there is now a working /money top command. :)
by cyberdrifter at 4:01 PM
(3,456 Views / 3 Likes)
After a staff conference it was deemed that it is unfair for me to be a top voter in the month if June.
Dimbulb, JennaBlueCloud, and Bebetoo all say I am too rich an and need to be divested of such riches.

I am not sure if they are in cahoots with the creeper plot from the last contest where I lost a wall of cake and a mob head collection, however the bosses of PearlMC have demanded that we have another contest.

What are the prizes?

  1. My double chest of voting cookies (bring your own milk)
  2. RP for top voters:
    1. $5,000 for top voter ~ Winner - JennaBlueCloud
    2. $2500 Second top voter ~ Winner -...
by Dragoness at 10:12 PM
(1,457 Views / 1 Likes)
Yesterday the server was updated to 1.8.3 (from 1.8.0). The process went very well, thanks to changes mainly being non-"breaking" and most plugins now have 1.8.3-specific versions.

At the same as doing the update, the death chest plugin was replaced. Now if you qualify for a death chest, you will see a message on respawn letting you know about it. Also, reclaiming items from the deathchest is easier. Simply try to open the chest as normal, even if you died on a claim not yours. Related commands are added to the Member Ranks wiki page, under the Worker section.

At this time, I do not expect there is any need to worry about a 1.8.4 version of the server. The 1.8.4 Minecraft version is purely a security fix which is already...
by cyberdrifter at 11:03 PM
(2,413 Views / 3 Likes)
We got to thinking that our Tutor JennaBlueCloud had too much time on her hands so we thought she might need more work . . . hence we promoted her to Scout.

Can we get some congratulations for Jenna on her promotion. What have we done? :)
Congrats Jenna, now get back to work.
by cyberdrifter at 11:11 PM
(1,822 Views / 4 Likes)
It is a sad day :(, Ateph went to wherever worlds go when they feel neglected.
It is a happy day :), Ateph is back like a chrysalis it has morphed into a new version.

It is said that someone lost a dragon in the new Ateph your /kit dragonloot might appease a dragon, but I would not count on it.

As always remember that Ateph is a PVP world.