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by cyberdrifter at 10:17 PM
(3,061 Views / 1 Likes)
We are having our 6th annual Holidays of December build Contest.

Before you read all this text you should get on Pearl and run the /gift command to get a new gift every day in December.

We are looking for creative builds (in non-creative game mode)
And example today (December 11 2018) is National Noodle Ring Day.
Do a internet search for Odd Holidays of December 2018 if you are looking for ideas.

1) How do I enter:
  1. Easy you ask staff for a plot at /warp contest
  2. Pay the 3 Pearl entry fee
  3. Build the your entry.
2) When does the contest end?
Sunday December 30th 8pm.

3) What can I build?
Anything appropriate to our family server in a...
by cyberdrifter at 10:09 PM
(2,434 Views / 1 Likes)
Woot, December 17 (next Monday) is almost here, it is the day that we give players the ability to fly on Pearlmc for an hour.

Wait, in prior years you announced on the day of First flight day, what gives?
I was being generous and giving you a day notice (2 years in a row), woot for me.

What is first flight day on Pearl?
It is a day that we give players an hour to fly.

Do I get to fly all day?
Nope, flying time is between 7PM and 8PM EST. Be on the ground at 8PM or that first step might hurt. Hey, at least flight is not limited to the 12 seconds 0f the first Wright Brother's flight.

I just login during that hour...
by Dragoness at 10:13 AM
(1,875 Views / 1 Likes)
Parrots, concrete, glazed terracotta, multicolor beds, and many other details have been added to Pearl. For full details of 1.12 features, check out the MCWiki entry.

As with all updates, there are likely to be bugs. At the least, from compatible plugin versions including feature updates/additions. Please do report any problems.

With December already upon us, there will be only one Ateph reset before the start of the new year. The tentative goal is either the end of this week or some point next week. Please remove any homes from Ateph and return to a different world before logging out.
by Dragoness at 12:01 AM
(1,626 Views / 1 Likes)
Home teleportation is being handled by a new plugin, using the new limits previously mentioned. While it was still necessary to lose per-player invites to private homes, the public/private status of each current home location was maintained.

Command Review
Shows all your home names. Public homes appear white, private homes appear green.

/home homename playername
Visit a home location, player name is optional for your own home locations.

/sethome name -p
Add a home location, name and "private" flag are optional. If you don't specify the home is private with "-p", it will be public and accessible by anyone. Repeat command to update location.

/delhome name...
by cyberdrifter at 5:17 PM
(1,475 Views / 2 Likes)
Wait, what? Pearl is having a Halloween build contest? When was the last one? 2015, really? Say it ain't so.

Announcing the 2018 Pearl Halloween build contest.
Well, cyberdrifter how about some more details you say . . . don't let it be said I am not accommodating.

Who can enter?
you (as long as you are a member of Pearl).

When does the contest start?
Today, October 8th 2018.

When does the contest end?
Sunday, October 28th Wednesday October 31 2018 7PM EST.
Voting ends Sunday November 4th, 2018 7pm EST.
Does it cost anything to enter the contest?
yes, 3 pearls.

How do I enter the contest?
by cyberdrifter at 8:26 PM
(2,180 Views / 1 Likes)
We are making some changes to plugins on Pearl, the homes plugin we have been using has been a headache for players and admin alike.

The part you won't like:

Players will no longer be able to invite other players to their homes (at least at the start). The plan is that homes will now be either public or private. If a home is set to public any player that knows your name and the home name will be able to warp to the home. If the home is set to private only you (and staff when necessary) will be able to access it.

The part you will like:

The number of homes you will have has been increased.
Tourist rank ~ 3
Citizen and Worker ranks ~ 5
Adept and Master ranks ~ 10
Elite rank ~ 15

These changes should take place in the next few days and if all goes well with the...