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We are a vanilla-like, independent Minecraft survival server with special play features and free-to-earn ranks.

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by Dimbulb at 7:27 PM
(1,721 Views / 3 Likes)
OMG Pearl Dwellers and Visitors, Time is an Army that Marches on, With US or WITHOUT US.

ON July 31, 2020, PEARL will be Eight Years Old!

Amazingly Enough, Another YEAR has slipped by, and although many have been busy pursuing other interests, We have been here and Several Players have made great improvements to the experience here on PEARL.

Please Join us at 9:00 PM Eastern Time at Spawn, and We will have a Photo OP for all players AND I will be giving out Diamond Blocks as Prizes!

See you there!

Dimbulb :vulcan:
by Dragoness at 12:09 PM
(1,892 Views / 3 Likes)
As part of the preparation for the upcoming server update, the total member ranks will be reduced from eight to four. The following presents how the reduction will be formed.

Visitor - current spirit rank
Citizen - current tourist and citizen ranks
Master - current worker, adept, and master ranks
Legend - current elite and legend ranks

This will be applied around Jan 16th (minimal downtime, if any).

Master and Legend will be the only upgrade ranks and have the benefits of all the ranks combined into each group. Master will be the same price of one stack of Pearl (64 ghast tear) and Legend will be somewhat increased, to two stacks of Pearl (128 ghast tear).

There won't be any significant changes to the rank perks as a direct result of merging groups. However, new perks,...
by cyberdrifter at 2:25 PM
(1,771 Views / 2 Likes)
Woot, December 17 (tomorrow, Tuesday) is almost here, it is the day that we give players the ability to fly on Pearlmc for an hour.

Wait, in prior years you announced on the day of First flight day, what gives?
I was being generous and giving you a day notice (3 years in a row), woot for me.

What is first flight day on Pearl?
It is a day that we give players an hour(ish) to fly.

Do I get to fly all day?
Nope, flying time is between 7PM and 8PM EST. Be on the ground at 8PM or that first step might hurt. Hey, at least flight is not limited to the 12 seconds 0f the first Wright Brother's flight.

I just login during that hour and I can fly?

Yes, however you have to /msg cyberdrifter the flight password.

What is the flight password?...
by cyberdrifter at 5:10 PM
(2,403 Views / 1 Likes)
Wednesday July 31'st. will be the seventh anniversary of Pealmc.
Festivities officially start at 8:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time, however, rumor has it that the Potato Ghost will be stalking the server with gifts throughout the day.
We hope to see you there, there will be cake.
~ cyberdrifter.
by Dragoness at 2:20 PM
(3,166 Views / 2 Likes)
As previously indicated, with the 1.12 update, Ateph was set to be regenerated again and it is now done. There won't be a lot of obvious change from the last most recent regeneration - a more dramatic version of vanilla biomes (and still including vanilla biomes).

Here are the most notable changes.
- Warp-in location is a little less arid
- Jungles will be likely to have parrots
- 1.12 blocks may be found in the world
- A few additional structure types (with less unintentionally missing parts)
- Ore generation is back to near-vanilla, albeit emerald being more distributed in the world.

If you have home locations in Ateph, there is a very high chance they are no longer safe to visit. If you're inclined to risk using those homes, be prepared to take damage, possibly needing to take...
by Dragoness at 11:24 AM
(2,912 Views / 0 Likes)
The old petition plugin was overdue to be replaced, with a little more trouble each update. So a new plugin has brought in, which is similar but more recently and regularly updated.

The old "pe" base command will still work, as well as "report", but there are some small differences in the subcommands.

/pe create your message
Make a new petition.

/pe reply # your message
Add more information to petition of the number #. Replace hash sign with petition number.

/pe replies #
View replies to petition of the number #. (uses inventory-style GUI)

/pe status
View information about your petitions. (uses inventory-style GUI)