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We are a mostly vanilla Minecraft survival server with special play features and free-to-earn ranks.

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by cyberdrifter at 11:26 PM
(1,212 Views / 1 Likes)
Everyone say congratulations to our new scout rank staff member. I have found him to be helpful and since he is often online when we have a dearth of staff on have decided to make use of him.
by cyberdrifter at 8:57 PM
(1,240 Views / 1 Likes)
Hey everybody welcome our new staff member Logoth528 . I have found him to be helpful to players and almost lives on Pearl (in one form or other).
Now he can see what we are saying about him in staff chat. ;)

Welcome Logoth528!
by Dragoness at 7:38 PM
(1,514 Views / 1 Likes)
Legend ranked players now can set a second home. The Member Ranks wiki page has been updated with relevant information.

Players already with two homes from winning events have been set with a limit of three.
by Dragoness at 10:03 AM
(2,186 Views / 0 Likes)
A new shop plugin has been added in preparation for the upcoming Minecraft 1.8 update. Currently Duckshop is still active and usable, but convert your shops over to SignShop as you have opportunity. A page has been added to our wiki covering usage and creation of shops.

I am sorry about the inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately I have reason to be certain Duckshop will break at 1.8, as it is no longer maintained by the developer and depends on the number IDs that Mojang is removing in 1.8. So the plugin will be removed when Pearl is updated or when there's no more active Duckshop signs left, whichever happens sooner.

Best regards,
by cyberdrifter at 11:39 PM
(1,565 Views / 2 Likes)
Everybody please welcome Dimbulb to our staff. :)
by Dragoness at 4:29 PM
(1,279 Views / 0 Likes)
Some adjustments have been made to the member kits to improve member experience and add some extra fun to gameplay.

/kit New
/kit Rations

These have been adjusted so Rations includes apples instead of New and Rations is now available to Tourist ranked members.

/kit Chill
Regular ice blocks have been replaced with packed ice blocks.

/kit GSBook
Book still included :p but now automatically given to players logging in to the server for the first time

/kit CyberPizza
Your favorite Archon cyberdrifter humored that we should have a pizza kit because pizza is good. Little did he expect that I would take him seriously and add it. :D Now members can pretend to have pizza when cyberdrifter gets some. This is kit is available to members of at least the...